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Monday, 19 September 2011

Main reasons why do people need energy

Main reasons why do people need energy :

1. one of the important sources of life
2. without them, no electricity, no lights. 
3. makes life easier, faster and efficient.
4. to complete the nowadays needs.
5. for survival, foods encourage.
6. gaining the process of 4 basic elements of life , water : air : earth : fire

Lets manage your energy consumption effectively ..

At the very least you should keep analyzing your energy data regularly to check that things aren't getting worse. It's pretty normal for unwatched buildings to become less efficient with time: it's to be expected that equipment will break down or lose efficiency, and that people will forget the good habits you worked hard to encourage in the past...
So at a minimum you should take a quick look at your energy data once a week, or even just once a month, to ensure that nothing has gone horribly wrong... It's a real shame when easy-to-fix faults such as misconfigured timers remain unnoticed for months on end, leaving a huge energy bill that could have easily been avoided.

..Thanks for reading..

2 comment/s here:

Anonymous said...

the energy consumptions is highly demand especially in us, and therefore the bills getting higher day by day

cart kartika said...

yes, that's why we need to discover another alternative. not just for US, but for all over the world ^^

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